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Product Details

When people think about holiday decorations, they usually picture one or two distinct themes. They likely imagine Nativity sets, ornament-riddled trees in the living room, Santa Claus-themed knick-knacks, and other traditions associated with Christmas. Otherwise, their minds may conjure images of fake spiderwebs, plastic skeletons, pumpkins with carved grins, and other spooky sights from Halloween time. People can get tons of merchandise associated with either of these autumn/winter holidays, including products for their pets.

Between these two huge and beloved days, though, there is another special holiday that does not often receive the same kind of attention. Many people celebrate Thanksgiving and follow certain traditions, but they do little in the way of decorating. If you seek them out, you can find plenty of decorations with a nice autumnal aesthetic. That even extends to Thanksgiving dog collars. Your canine companion can look cute with this seasonal garb while munching on table scraps, playing with your relatives, and lazing in front of the TV.

Tend Pet is home to Thanksgiving dog leashes, with sweet designs available in several different sizes.  Check out our offerings below! Your dog just might thank you.

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