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What adjectives would you normally associate with Thanksgiving? “”Humble”” is an apt one: while most autumn and winter holidays involve flashy displays and noisy events, most Americans have a relatively quiet and calm Thanksgiving at home. “”Warm”” may not always describe the weather outside, but it can be a great word to describe the feelings people get at large family reunions.
You can surely think of others, but one that may not be the first or even the tenth to come up is “”fun.”” It doesn’t always seem like enjoying oneself is the overall pursuit of Thanksgiving – at least, not in the same way that it is for the spooky madness of Halloween and the joyous festivities of Christmas. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what we have and spending time with loved ones. Fun can come out of it, but it’s not really the theme or the goal.
And yet, we can make it a big part of the holiday if we want. People can play games together or find other ways to enjoy each other’s company. Even pets can join in if you give them something (other than table scraps and someone else’s less-than-desirable cooking). The Thanksgiving toys below are a cute way of sharing the holiday spirit with your furriest family members. Even when the day passes, they might want to chew on these toys all winter long.

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